Friday, May 30, 2008

Pax in La La Land IIII: Celebrity Sighting!!!

Last night, as I was walking through the lobby, I heard a familiar, high-pitched giggle. I turned and there was noted sex dwarf, Dr. Ruth! Cute as a button, she smiled and waved at me ... very cool !!

Today I am heading to Sony Studios, and then a walking tour of Hollywood followed by a tour of the movie star's homes - I am such a damn tourist!!

Here are a few more pics from yesterday:

Here is Marilyn waving at me.
Speaking of M.M. ; this is said to have been her home around the time she met Joltin' Joe!
Being on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills made me feel so damn middle class ... besides the pricey stores and the well dressed people - the streets them selves are immaculate.

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