Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Officeland Blues

Damn, I hate being here today. It is such a gorgeous day outside ... the sun is shining, the trees are actually mostly green with leaves, the air is still. The pollen is unreasonably high, that's true, but my watery eyes and stuffy head are a small price to pay for such climatological perfection.

Meanwhile, Officeland is it's own strange world today. The hallway is cold, my side of the office is cool, and the sunny side of the office (the other side) is warm. A lot of people are not here today, some are at meetings, others at a conference. Funny when the cats are away, the mice will truly play. You can hear it in people's voices; many speak loudly of non-work-related issues.

I think some of the clerical gals here are planning a coup! They have gathered together today and are speaking in hushed tones in the break-room! Oh, the drama!!!

While I did manage to get some prodigal paperwork done earlier this morning, I don't feel motivated to do much more of anything.

I wish I was on a hammock with a good book to read.

Actually, I keep checking the net about today's primaries. I can't help but be excited over the outcome. You know that I am an Obama supporter; however, like I've said before, should Clinton get the nomination, she'll have my support, 100 percent worth. That said, I am constantly amused and confounded over this political dance - the polls, the pundits, the press ... what a circus! Am I the only one who never heard of a "super delegate" until this primary began?

OK then, I guess I've babbled on long enough, time to put the nose to the grindstone.

Hope you all are having a great day - and may all your planned revolutions turn out to be bloodless!

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