Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Last Minute Stuff

Should I take a "choice seat" on my flight? That's what I was offered when I went to do the on-line check in for my flight. I looked on the seat chart and can't imagine why these seats are any more choice than the others -- is it just to squeeze another fifteen bucks out of my wallet? Anyone?

I've decided to take this tour on Thursday, and this rather morbid tour on Friday. Some of my time will be spent HERE as this is where Whatshiname will be working. I am hoping to bump in to one or two famous authors, that would be great.

The hotel we are staying at looks like it's a decent one, we will be right in the heart of everything.

We contacted a friend of ours who lives in West Hollywood (and he's not even gay, if you can imagine that), and we will be having dinner with him on Friday or Saturday night.

In more mundane news, we went to the bank this morning to hand over what we needed to take care of our recent identity theft incident. They promised that the problem would be squared away in two working days tops. As of today, we still had to take money out of our savings, because our checking is still "overdrawn" due to the fuck up. Tomorrow, Whatshisname's payroll goes into the bank, so before I leave, I have to go to the bank and take a shit-load of cash out to be safe (will turn it all into travelers checks). From there I am driving over to Mama and Papa's and leaving my car there for the duration. Will take the shuttle to Philly Airport. My flight leaves at 2:30 in the afternoon, and gets me to LAX at 5:18 (west coast time).

I am planning on blogging most of this trip. A sort of daily postcard: Pax in La La Land, or something like that. I am bringing the laptop with me to achieve that end.

OK, well, I have some more stuff to attend to ... I will post again before I leave!!!

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