Saturday, May 24, 2008

Hey! My Blog Turned Four Yesterday!!!!

All the laughter, all the tears, all the hopes, all the fears ... yes, it was a mere four years ago yesterday when Pax Romano emerged from his shell in Utopia New Joisey, wiped the sleep from his eyes and proclaimed, "Gee, maybe I should start a blog, or should I wash the car?" Happily the car remained dirty, but the Blogosphere was never the same!
From Missing Mondays to Fave Foto Fridays ... From the Pax Family Singers to The Obligatory Antonio Postings ... Pax has come a long way baby!

From obscurity to world wide fame and adulation in four years! Ha! Choke on that one, Ariana Huffington! Eat my dust, Perez Hilton! Look at me, Aint I Cool News?!?!

Not happy with being a one-man-blogger, Pax Romano diversified and gave the world Dex Baxter's Hollywood Life (now on hiatus), The Homosexual Home Office (now on hiatus), Blues From a Cubicle( long gone ), Bitch, Please! (now on hiatus) and Billy Loves Stu (on life support, but still kicking!).
And who can forget that several month period back in 2005 when Pax Romano's Ramblings was the featured blog at Philly Future?
However the best part of this blogging stuff, is the wonderful group of people I have come to know since I began. Tony, Snicks, Frank, Rosie, Pinky, Rainbro, Rick, and of course, Mags. What would life be with out the constant words of these colorful folks and the others who have enriched my life?
So thank you one and all for stopping by to see what's going on, I hope I have not bored you all too much - and If I have, too bad.

As I begin, year number five, I promise you more of the inane, the goofy, and the downright ridiculous. Stick around, I'll still be proudly celebrating the sound of one hand clapping for a very long time!

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