Thursday, May 01, 2008

Dear Hillary and Barack

I don't care about your crazy pastor. I don't care if you can down a shot and a beer. I could care less about your bowling score. I don't need to know what damn church you go to, or even if you go to church. I don't think it is important if you are telegenic. Your tears are wasted on me, don't even go there. Flag lapel pins mean nothing to me. Your husband's sexual indiscretions are unimportant. Your wife speaking her mind is unimportant ... please, enough with the superficial!

Tell me what you are going to do about America's crumbling infrastructure. Explain to me, in detail, how you are going to fix this mess in Iraq. Let me know how you are going to deal with the so-called-energy-crisis. Show me how you are going to patch up The Bill of Rights. Ensure me that you will provide equal rights to all Americans regardless of their gender, race and sexual orientation. Inform me how you plan to get a hold on the unchecked gun violence in our country. What is your plan concerning the health care crisis? What are you going to do about he out-of-control price of food? How are we going to feed the poor in our own backyards?

I don't think it is much to ask of someone who wants to run this country to just give some straight foreword answers to the important issues.

Come on you two, rise above the main stream press and their bullshit and just tell it like it is.


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