Saturday, May 03, 2008

BOOM! : The Sound of the Milktrain Crashing.

Liz Taylor, Richard Burton (asleep) and Noel Coward

Try as I might, I could not make heads nor tails of the film,
Boom! that was running on the Sundance Channel this morning.

Based on
Tennessee Williams', The Milktrain Doesn't Stop Here Anymore, this movie is a cornucopia of bad acting, elaborate sets, and insane costumes (mostly worn by Liz Taylor).

The story is about an aging rich gal's last few days of her life in her villa in Italy. Flora Sissy Goforth (don't you love that name?) is busy dictating her life story to her secretary and enjoying late night dinners with her over-the-top-gay-pal, "The Witch of Capri" (played by Mr. Noel Coward), when suddenly, Chris Flanders (Richard Burton) shows up ... is he a love interest? A hustler? Or the Angel of Death?

Who gives a fuck?

For the last hour and half we get to watch Taylor shriek and Burton mumble their dreadful lines of dialogue to each other, until finally, she does die (probably from embarrassment).

Apparently, there was a lot of boozing going on during the making of this movie, and it shows!

John Waters claims that this is one of his favorite films, and I won't hold that against him. Don't get me wrong, I love high-camp as much as the next gay guy, but there comes a time when one must differentiate between camp and crap.

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