Wednesday, May 21, 2008

80's Flash Back: Streisand Style

Love her, or hate her; Barbra Streisand, never fails to entertain.

Submitted for your approval is a rarely seen video of Bab's doing Jim Steinman's, Left in the Dark( for those who don't know, Steinman is the wordy song writer behind most of Meatloaf's big hits) that as it may, this video is so wonderful in it's tacky earnestness:

*Watch Babs stop mouthing the lyrics half way through the song as she smokes one of many cigarettes.

*Watch Babs in the video within the video in glorious black and white.

*Watch for Bab's gams, they're like butter!!

*Watch for Kris Kristofferson (there was a time I'd walk over
hot coals barefoot for that man ... sigh) as the bartender.

*Watch for the guy in the funky 80's get-up, he wears his sunglasses at night.

Now, prepare for the over-the-top-glory that is Left in the Dark. You can thank me later!

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