Wednesday, April 02, 2008

We Are Such Beautiful Savages

This afternoon at lunch, I read about Sean Conroy, the 36 year old Starbuck's employee who was attacked by a group of high school students in Philadelphia last week, apparently on a whim, and who died as a result of said attack.

Conroy, it seems, was picked at will by this pack of rats who singled him out so that they could "body drop" him (apparently a body drop, is a punch that is so powerful it renders it's victim unconscious). When the bastards only succeeded in knocking him down, they took turns kicking and pounding on him until he suffered an asthma attack, which eventually killed him.

The attack occurred in the middle of the afternoon in a busy subway entrance in Center City .

Of course the first thought that occurred to me was, why didn't any one help this poor guy?
The first blog posting I ever did, made mention of a woman in Marlton New Jersey who was murdered late one night just outside of her condo, and how neighbors heard her screaming, but none came to her aid:

Local news was all abuzz over the guy they caught that killed that woman in Marlton last year. Glad he was caught, but what in the name Kitty Genovese was going on with Krista DiFrancesco's neighbor's? Seems they heard this poor woman screaming for help the morning of May 10th, 2003; but no one bothered to do anything ...

Man, sometimes I wonder about people...
So once more, I wonder ...

But not only that, I wonder what turns us into such hateful, horrid savages? Savages who would band together and beat an innocent man senseless for no reason whatsoever. I wonder why we can turn a blind eye to this kind of horrendous behavior.

For the rest of the day, I felt sour. Everything just reminded me of how fucked we are. The rude personalties of the people in the courtyard at work, the moronic way folks drive, the shitty attitude of a Vice President who, when questioned about the length of time we've had troops in Iraq, could only respond by asking, "So?"

I felt like praying for the world to end, to just wipe the slate clean.


About a mile from home, my MP3 player spit out James Taylor's "My Traveling Star" from his One Man Band CD.

I almost slammed on the breaks - the song was so gorgeous, the choir of voices singing the chorus almost heavenly. Maybe it's just because of all the stress I've been under lately, but I sort of got choked up while listening.

And I thought, my god, this is such a wonderful piece of music, it's like the flip side of the coin of what I've been thinking about all day ... sometimes humanity is capable of creating such harmony.

That's when I realized that in spite of everything, the politics, the lies, the murders, the wars; we humans, with all our bestial ways, can also make art, and music, and love ... we are such beautiful savages.

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