Sunday, April 20, 2008

Seals the Deal for Me!!

Sigh ... two of my fave guys caught in an intimate moment ... well, not really, but use your imagination.

Yes that's George Clooney and Senator Obama. GC supports Barack and that just about seals the deal for me.

What? Am I being superficial?

Of course I am.

My support of the Senator from Illinois is based on what he stands for, his eloquence (god, how I've dreamed of an eloquent Commander In Chief these past seven years), his intelligence, and his propensity to speak the truth - even when it hurts) .

This is not to say I am one of those Hillary Haters. No, not at all. In fact, if she wins the election, it will be fun to watch the implosion of countless neocons and radio talk show hosts through out the land.

In fact, Hillary Clinton is a fine second choice in my book. And if she wins the Primary, she's got my vote come November. No question about that.

But for now, when all is said and done, my heart (and vote) belongs to Obama... oh, and it doesn't hurt that Clooney is supporting him either.

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