Sunday, April 06, 2008

Round Up of Aggravation

So let's see ...

My sister found out on Friday, that she, just like my mom, has to go back for a second surgery. Does anyone know if this is the norm in these situations? I just find it curious that after they have someone in surgery for several hours, and prior to that they've been x-rayed and scanned and tested to kingdom come, but they still can't seem to find entire tumor ... I don't understand medicine.

It's official, the Pax Mobile is no more. She's gasped her last breath and is lying in state just outside my front door. Mourners are invited to stop by all week until she is towed away to that great garage in the sky. Of course this means, next weekend I'll be car shopping - and we all know what fun that can be. I find no joy in dealing with car salespeople, they are such snakes. Happily, I will be walking in with a large amount of cash for a down payment, so maybe that will make things easier.

One of my caps broke last night, which means I'll be spending tomorrow morning at the dentist's office (provided he can fit me in that early). Damn, I hate going to the dentist.

And so it goes...

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