Thursday, March 13, 2008

This Morning's Adventure

The phone rang at 3 AM, and I thought I was dreaming it.

By the time I got to the living room it had stopped. I checked and saw that it had come from my parents house.

Just as I was about to call back, my youngest sister called.

"Mom is being brought to the emergency room", she said, her voice groggy with sleep.

"What now?" I asked suddenly wide awake.

And the she told me that dad had called her to let her know that mom said she could not breathe, and an ambulance was taking her to the hospital.

I called dad and told him that I'd be over as soon as I could. I sucked down a cup of instant coffee, threw on some clothes and drove over to my folk's house. By the time I got there, the ambulance had come and gone whisking mom to the local hospital.

When I got to their house, dad said he was sure she had an anxiety attack.

We arrived at the hospital around 3:50 to find mom on a stretcher asking to go home. The charge nurse talked with her and agreed that her entire "episode" was stress borne and said that she could leave as it did not appear that anything physically was wrong.

At around 4:20 we left the hospital.

I brought them back to their house, made my mom a cup of tea and let her vent. Bottom line, she's a wreck over everything that is going on, and it all came to a head last night.

She fell asleep around 5:30 on the sofa and dad followed suit on his recliner chair a few moments later and that's when I left.

Got home around 6:00.

I think I'm taking today off from work.

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