Saturday, March 22, 2008

Sabbatum Sanctum

What? Tomorrow is Easter? Already?

Much like Peter Cottontail, I've been busy getting all the pre Easter stuff done.

Princess Demon Child was here last night into this morning, and we did a slew of shopping yesterday and ended up in an honest-to-goodness-for-real-candy shop where they make all of the tooth rotting goodies right on the premises. What an awesome place. At any moment, I expected Willie Wonka to pop up. Oh, and they had free samples! Buh bye, diet!

This morning we made French toast (buh bye diet II). It was glorious! We ate and watched cartoons, and I made a nice reconnect with my inner-child for a bit.

I took Demon Spawn home later and ran some more errands. Meanwhile, Whatshisname has commandeered the kitchen so that he can bring over some home made food to his mother's house tomorrow.

This evening, I am making a ham for my family's Easter dinner, which is to be held at Sister # 2's house. I've decided to go all out white trash for this one and am baking a Coca Cola ham. I made one once a few years ago and it was beyond great. Who knew?

Before I start though, my better half and I are meeting a friend for dinner.

Anyway, hope you all had / are having a wonderful Sabbatum Sanctum .

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