Thursday, March 27, 2008

In the Temple of The Goddess

The first thing you will notice in the Temple of the Goddess are the watercolor paintings that dot the walls. Pictures of women with no discernible features, their bodies willow-like all seeming to melt into the other. No artist claims this work from what one can see. Or maybe it is that the artist wishes to remain unknown.

Next you will see the real flesh and blood women of every shape, and size, and race, and color. Some of the women attend to the temple's inner sanctum, while others wait to make their sacrifice.

Handmaidens wander about behind glass partitions. Sometimes they come into the holding area and take the waiting women to confessional sized rooms where they are examined or questioned by an oracle.

Larger chapel rooms await those who have been to the confessional. Here they will be told what the oracle has discovered by a high priestess. After looking at the woman's mysterious markings and examining her blood, decisions are made as to what offerings the goddess needs. For some it is nothing more than a lock of their hair, for others it might be a pound of flesh.

Every woman takes the high priestess's word to her breast and embraces it.

From here, they are led from the temple, once more they, or you, might again notice those paintings on the way out and understand that the paintings are representative of the souls of the countless other women who have passed through these doors...

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