Friday, March 21, 2008

Fave Foto Friday (Hollywood Blvd Superhero Edition)

Pictured today is Christopher Lloyd Dennis, an actor who dresses up as Superman and greets tourists on Hollywood Blvd. Dennis will pose for pictures with people, but reminds shutterbugs that tips are welcome.

Dennis is one of four actors followed in the Matthew Ogens' documentary, Confessions of a Superhero. Along with Superman we meet Batman, The Hulk and Wonder Woman - each of these comic book characters is portrayed by a fascinating person - but, Dennis (in my humble opinion) is the star.

An earnest and likable guy, Dennis takes his role seriously. He is also something of a Superman fanatic who has a mind boggling collection of Man of Steel memorabilia. But what's even more fascinating is his proclamation that he is the son of actress, Sandy Dennis (a claim that the actresses family does not think is true).

The film is awash with some excellent still photography (Charles Gruet, Matthew Ogens and Joseph Viles are all credited as still photographers for the film, I am not sure which one did the shot above). And, for some reason, I found the photo I picked (which is used for the film's poster) extremely compelling.
From Superheros to Canadian juvenile delinquents; Mags shares a photo of herself from her childhood. The other little girl was her best friend and next door neighbor, that other famous Canadian, Celine Dion!

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