Friday, February 22, 2008

Snow Day

PROGRAMING NOTE: Fave Foto Friday is going to be postponed until Tomorrow. That's right, let's break all the rules and have Fave Foto Saturday! Email me with your pics if you'd like, and on Saturday morn, I'll roll out the photographs!


Before we begin: Today's edition of Pax Romano's Ramblings is brought to you by Vel Dishwashing Liquid - for hands as soft as a's Ethel Merman to tell you all about it...


Using today's snow as a reason, I called out of work. Frankly, I just needed a day to myself. No work worries, no mama worries, no car worries - hell, I'm not even going to pay bills today. That all can wait for another day.

I made a point of going out early to shovel the walk, and clean off Whatshisname's car. Very therapeutic; the cold air, the softly falling flakes, the muffled effect of footsteps on the snow, the sounds of birds cawing off in the distance. I seemed to be the only person in the parking lot working on a car; the rest of the automobiles were all still tucked in blanket's of white.

From the looks of things, many of my neighbors seem to have taken the day off also.

I could smell wood burning. Someones fireplace. A lovely odor.

After I finished up the car and the walk, I grabbed my camera and shot a few pictures (which you can see scattered about this posting).

Then I took a walk down the street as a small squall hit, and the world went blindingly white for a few seconds. As soon as it ended, the snowfall started to taper. They say it's going to all turn to rain by this afternoon and wash it all away. That sucks. I want everything to stay like this for a bit. It's so calming.

When I came back inside, I put on some coffee, made breakfast and read the paper. Then I saw my better half off to work (since his place of employment is less than a mile away, it's kind of tough to call in because of the weather).

I plan on building a fire in the hearth, and then settling down on the sofa with a good book.

I love snow days.

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