Monday, February 18, 2008

President's Day

Today we celebrate the the greats, the not so greats, and the lame: those who have guided this great nation of ours from burgeoning democracy to the laughing stock of the free world.

I've been thinking of the current POTUS and if anyone out there ever drew up a time-line of his greatest "hits". I came across THIS - which is a time-line of his first four years. It's pretty disheartening stuff. Kind of scary how it ends on Election day, 2004 - as if we were going to wake up as a nation and change things ... oh well, live and learn.

Sometimes I wonder why anyone in his or her right mind would even want to be the president. I suppose having a huge ego is part of the individual's makeup. I'd hope that wanting to do right is another component, though I doubt it. I honestly don't think we've had a Commander in Chief whose motives were pure since Jimmy Carter.

I'd like to think that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, and maybe even John McCain want what's best for America. But deep down, I really don't trust any of them. I suppose that Senator Obama might be the only one who is new enough to the game that he has not totally been comprised yet, though I bet it's only a matter of time.

It seems to me that America is less a democracy these days and more akin to a corporation, Americorp! And each new president is nothing more than a CEO who wants a golden parachute, and is doing nothing more than trying to keep the stockholders happy while screwing the rank and file with lies and promises of things that never come to fruition. Of course some of us will be getting a bonus check this May.

Say, how are you going to spend your 600 bucks?

Happy President's Day all!

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