Wednesday, February 13, 2008



It's a balmy 50-some degrees outside and it's accompanied by a driving, wind-swept rain.

All in all just a murky, miserable day.

Officeland looks particularly gloomy on days like this. Our courtyards flood, our parking lots are filled with puddles, our lobby is a-clutter with overturned umbrellas and people stomping their feet (why do people do that? It's not like they've been trudging through snow drifts). Add to all of this Addams Family atmosphere two other things: many people here today (myself included) are nursing head colds, and the heating system on my side of the office is set to "bake". I think prisoners of war have it better.

What I wouldn't give for some cool bracing weather, and maybe a good snow storm (or three), and after that, let's just fall into spring with 75 degree cloudless days...

That'd be heaven.

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