Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Like Angels

I was watching Lawrence Kasdan's Grand Canyon, a film about several different people whose lives all intersect within the city of Los Angeles. It is one of those flowing movies that captures the everyday mundane, as well as miraculous, events that make up life. In my opinion it is a highly underrated film.

As I watched, I was immediately reminded of a similar movie,Paul Thomas Anderson's Magnolia - which tells a similar tale; several Los Angeleians whose lives all interconnect through a series of misadventures. It is another one of my favorite films.

Finally, I started thinking of Paul Haggis's Crash; a film which ... you guessed it, focuses on a group of strangers whose lives collide in the City of Angels.

I'm a sucker for fables that prove that there can be redemption, and that the human spirit can be lifted, in spite of everything, to a higher place. I love tales that show that we are interconnected after all, and that sometimes, just sometimes, some of us can rise above the fray ... like angels

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