Wednesday, February 20, 2008

“I’ve tried yoga, but I find stress less boring.”

All aboard the stress-express!

What a ride it's been this past week and a half. I am really feeling it now.

First: It seems that mom needs to have some kind of bone scan thingy which is being done tomorrow. Her second opinion doctor found something else in the x-rays and is somewhat concerned about it, so now there is that to worry about. I've really been trying to keep the happy face on during this, but the facade is beginning to crack.

Second: Last week my car broke down and I laid out 700 bucks and some change for a repair and a tow. Today, driving into work, the car kept stalling and making all of these god-awful-noises and blowing out white smoke from the exhaust. So it looks like it goes back into the shop some time tomorrow.

Third: Several weeks back I had some major dental work done; turned out that the insurance would only pay a small percentage of the procedure. Goodbye 800. dollars. Fucking-A. I'm made of money.

Fourth: I've been on the South Beach Diet since Monday. OH GAWD what I would not give for some sugary, sweet indulgence now!!!!

Ok, that felt good. Thanks for listening.

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