Sunday, February 03, 2008

For Super Bowl Sunday:

Two Football Players I've Always Admired (this from someone who views football games the same way he views root canal):

1 Broadway Joe Namath: Back in the day, Joe grew his hair long, sprouted a mustache, drank like a fish, made a movie with Ann-Margret and even dated Janis Joplin. Joe was the smooth dude Playboy of the 70's. What a cool guy!

2 David Kopay: The former NFL running back came out of the closet in 1975, thereby squashing his chances of coaching after he retired from his professional career. Kopay's actions took brass balls, and made him one of my personal heroes. I have read and re-read his biography, The David Kopay Story, which came out in 1977, several times, and have even passed it on to others (including a straight pal of mine who is a huge football fan - he was dumbfounded after reading it).

And that's about it for all of my football knowledge, yup, not much else.

I am going to a Super Bowl party tonight. But it's cool - I understand that this is the Oscar's for straight guys, I can tolerate that. Besides, I am looking forward to the commercials.

Have a Super Sunday all!

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