Saturday, February 23, 2008

Fave Foto Friday - Saturday Edition

Today's photo is of Rock and Roll legend, Grace Slick, who long ago left the stage behind and spends most of her time painting. The above photo is from last summer when Slick had an exhibition of work in Miami. It was taken by Donna E. Natale Planas. Grace was 67 when this picture was shot, and I think she is still beautiful. The painting behind her is one of Slick's and is entitled, White Rabbit in Wonderland.
*Liz sent this photo of the late, great Kurt Cobain who would have been 41 yesterday.
*Mags checks in with this photo. Yes, Mags always had a thing for big cocks.

Jimmi featured this photo of Joy Division on his blog yesterday which is a still from a promotional video about the band shot by Anton Corbjin.
One more from Jimmi, posted on his blog today:Ade Fenton by Ed Fielding
Shine on you crazy diamond. Rainbow Demon posts this pic of Pink Floyd's Syd Barrett

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