Thursday, February 28, 2008

Crime is Beauty and Other Stuff

Meanwhile …

I think I've got my land legs back after being adrift in a sea of exasperation.

In no particular order, here are a few things that have managed to catch my attention in spite of everything else.

* New Joisey, my lovely Joisey; it seems that Governor Corzine has announced another budget full of things that have everyone in an uproar. It's funny actually, as someone who is in the belly of the beast, I see the waste of money on a daily basis - but I also see the good works that are done for those who need it. Unfortunately, when the job cuts come, they won't affect anyone in the Ivory Towers - it will be the receptionist making a pittance. Mark my words on that one. Oh, and after everything is said and done, it'll be business as usual.

* And how about those two hunky cat burgling brothers from Philadelphia. Not only are the Goffney Brothers guilty of breaking and entering, but it seems the fellows are also gay porn "stars"! I love the fact that they broke into beauty supply stores - and how one of the brothers was dubbed "Superman" buy the police for his physical prowess (back flips onto the roofs of stores, jumping out of a moving car and running away unscathed). In the spirit of giving back, I'd be happy to assist in their rehabilitation.

* Is it Election Day yet?

* It's official, I love Diablo Cody. A former exotic dancer wins the Oscar for original screenplay and is now the IT gal in Hollywood. Love her, love her, and love her!!

* And finally, local legend, Jerry Blavat, Philadelphia's pioneering rock and roll DJ recently had heart surgery, and then two days later was back at work spinning discs down at an Atlantic City Casino. If you know who Blavat is, his quick recovery should not surprise you. Besides being a staple of my early years when I heard him on AM radio on a daily basis, Blavat was also a friend of one of my dad's sisters.

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