Friday, February 15, 2008

About The Shootings at Northern Illinois University

I still feel the same as when I wrote this, several months ago about the shootings in Omaha:

I have finally reached a point that when I hear about these things I no longer automatically think, "what a tragedy". No. Now I just think, "What can you expect?"

What indeed?

In a nation that allows it's populace the ease of procuring firearms (legally and otherwise), In a nation that thinks it has a some kind of god-given-right to keep weapons; It is only normal that unbalanced people will get their hands on firearms and tragedy will ensue.

Philadelphia has become a shooting gallery - and when they tried to put a limit on the amount of firearms one could purchase (one a month), it was soundly defeated thanks in no small part to our friends in the NRA.

So why fight it America? Embrace it, own it, it's yours.

And the next time some moron shoots up a school, or a mall, or a bunch of little kids jumping rope on a street corner - remember, you got what you asked for .

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