Monday, February 25, 2008

# 758 of Random Stress Inducing Moments.

Hey, I'm still here. A bit dazed, but relatively OK.

The hits kept on coming when last night, while watching the Oscars, our doorbell rang and it was the downstairs neighbor saying that they had a leak in their laundry room and it was coming from upstairs somewhere. Inasmuch as I live upstairs, the leak was originating from somewhere in my place.

We soon discovered that that toilet in the second bathroom had been running for at least three hours and the powder room as well as part of the bedroom floor was soaking wet.

It was nice having maintenance people here at around 11pm fixing the handle on the toilet, using a wet vac and setting up this wind machine-like-fan to dry everything out.

It was also nice to meet the new neighbors.

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