Saturday, January 05, 2008

Smoking Guns

You guys know that Senator Obama is a reformed smoker (though I wonder if he's more a closeted smoker).

As a smoker myself (gasp!), I find it rather interesting that so much hay was made over this politician's habit. I know the dangers of smoking, everyone does, but is a smoking habit as bad as , say, a cocaine and boozing habit? Let's face facts, the current moron in The White House has a history of drug and drink abuse (but of course, he found god, so I guess that makes it all A-OK).

Someone I know said to me recently, "Obama had to quit smoking, it would set a bad example for children if he continued". I blinked and remained silent at this rather simplistic proclamation. Then again, she had a point. It's all about public appearances these days.

Though I wonder how Franklin Delano Roosevelt would fare today? Not only was he a smoker, but he used a wheelchair to ambulate. Jeez how would that affect his Q-Rating?

Republican god, Ronald Reagan was a big old puffer also. Word is that he did not actually quit until well into his first term as president. Of course, he kept his smoking on the down low, though I am sure he and Nancy, that nasty old bag of bones, would light up over a couple of martini's after a hard day of Union busting.

One more thing, before he was a politician, Ronnie the B-Actor whored himself out to the cigarette companies and was a spokesperson for Chesterfield.

Politics being what it is today, I'd much rather have my candidate smoking a cigarette then believing that he is the god appointed personification of manifest destiny!

But that just my opinion: smoke 'em if you got 'em!

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