Sunday, January 27, 2008

SAG Awards Red Carpet Moments - or - Somebody Send a Thesaurus to Hollywood

In case you missed any of it, here is how the red carpet moments went earlier this evening at the SAG awards.

Stick Thin E-Network Hostess: Oh my god, you look A MAY ZING!

Airhead Actress: Thanks!

STENH: Who are you wearing?

AA: It's an original!


AA: Thanks!

STENH: So you've had a busy year and your acting in your latest movie was A MAY ZING!


Second Stick Thin E-Network Hostess: Welcome back to E's SAG awards Red Carpet, we are here with fasion nazi, Billy Velour; Billy, what about the dresses we saw tonight?

Stick Thin Bleached Blond Femme Guy: Oh my god, we saw some A MAY ZING gowns tonight!

And that's when I switched over to The Simpsons.

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