Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Planet Claire

The B-52's was my soundtrack at work today for a bit.

I love the song, Planet Claire. Fred's voice is so goofy in it. The Peter Gunn theme-like melody along with the cheesy organ and the girl's voices harmonizing with it make the song even more of a delight.

Whenever I listen to the B-52's I am put in mind of a small cafe in Boulder Colorado and the potbelly stove that kept you warm on frigid winter mornings as you sipped coffee and read the Daily Camera, and a certain someone I knew in that laid-back hamlet who'd be at my side reading his end of the paper and sipping his cup of java.

Forgive me for being wistful, the nostalgia is something I can not control, it just hit me.

Sometimes, I think that Boulder (as well as Los Angeles) have become almost mythical places in my personal geography - places where I glimpsed happiness and found some sort of satisfaction that I had not known elsewhere. Maybe it was because, for a few brief moments, I'd actually found what I was looking for - even though I was too damn stupid or naive to realize it at the time. I had chances in both of the towns, but especially in Boulder, to turn my life around and make a major change - but I chickened out, both times and went back to the safe and familiar.

What was I thinking?

Sometimes I entertain myself with "what-if" scenarios; what if I stayed in Colorado, what would I have done with my life? Would I be sitting in an office in Denver today blogging about how stupid I was to leave New Jersey.

I guess in the long run, it does not matter. Life took me on the journey that was intended and I can't go back and change a blessed thing. And yet, all I need to do is hear a B-52's song and I am back on "the mall".

One time me and him were walking back from a movie. It was a balmy early summer afternoon. As we made our way through a group of hippies playing Grateful Dead music, we came across a guy reading some crappy poetry at the top of his lungs - no one was listening- and then we turned the corner just in time to see a group of street performers doing a dance routine. A group of women in pink and red were writhing to some odd music.

I looked at him and smiled, he looked at me and winked and said, "Welcome to Planet Claire."

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