Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Like Being Hit Over The Head With A Brick

As ones parents grow older, one prepares oneself for the inevitable bad news that some sort of illness is going to take them down.

Several years back we had a cancer scare with dad. Happily that all ended well.

Today, some seriously bad news.

It seems my mother has breast cancer.

She had a mammogram last week, and the results came back positive. The doctor's office had been trying to reach her all day with no luck as she was in work, and dad was out most of the day. Eventually the doctor called my sister and told her (my sister and mom go to the same physician).

My sister called me after work to tell me.

We (my sisters and I and Whatshisname) went over to my folks house and broke the news to dad, who decided that he did not want us all there when mom got home from work, as he felt it might really be too much for her. He is going to talk to her about what is going on.

The doctor wants her to see the surgeon tomorrow and go to the hospital on Friday for some tests.

Mom (when she went to have the mammogram done on Friday) has already stated that if she does have cancer, she wants no treatment. She is a very stubborn women, so this is going to be one tough sell.

Should she agree to the subsequent doctor's visits later this week, I will be taking her.

Anyway, I just needed to get this all out in the open ... I feel like someone hit me over the head with a brick, and everything is sort of out of focus.

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