Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Haunted Cottage

Work dictated a road trip to Officeland II-B, which meant miles and miles of travel down the back roads of Southern Joisey.

Coming back this afternoon, I passed a place I had dubbed, "The Haunted Cottage" years ago when I first noticed it. The Cottage sits off Weymouth road, down a small hill off a side road, and it is really a bizarre looking thing. Luckily I had my camera with me, so I popped off a few quick shots for your viewing pleasure (you can click on any pic for a bigger view).

* The first thing that strikes one about the house is the way it is set back from the road, sort of sideways. The next thing is the fact that this house is just freakin' weird! There are wrought iron candle holders on the sides of the windows, animal antlers jut out from the window flower boxes, the edges of the frame are adorned with what appears to be drift wood and plastic vines, and there is a clock worked into the upper floor window - click on the picture and check it out!

* The next thing is the outhouse that sits just to the side of the building. There is a cut-out-flying-bat peek space in the door, and a small water pump is sitting in front of it. I think it is just there for some sort of decorative purposes, though of course, maybe it is functional.

* This crazy bird house (or maybe it's a bat house) is on the side lawn of the cottage. You have to see it in person to understand how profoundly strange and big it really is.

* Finally, there is the rusted out hulk of an archaic pick up truck on the lawn nearest to the main road. As decorative motif, the dead truck is a curio to say the least. Though I imagine that over summer one could use it as a planter. However, I figure this to be just one of the many abandoned cars that probably litter the woods around this spooky house, probably belonging to unwise commuters who lost their way on a rainy night and stopped at the cottage to see if they could use the phone...

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