Monday, January 07, 2008


I have been filled with more optimism for this country the past few days, than I have for years. In fact I am feeling downright giddy!

Maybe it was the news that Obama won the Iowa caucus. I mean no matter how this all works out, no matter who becomes president next year, history was made last week. An African American won a caucus in a predominantly white state.

Is America finally growing up, or at least coming to their collective senses?

Tomorrow, we'll see if the momentum carries in New Hampshire. The polls show Senator Obama in the lead with Clinton and Edwards trailing behind. I am keeping my fingers crossed.

Another reason to feel celebratory is the announcement that Springfield's own Ralph Wiggum has announced his candidacy for president!

Sunday night, America sat glued as the Springfield Primary's were held and the voters of that colorful hamlet picked young Wiggum (son of Springfield's police chief) as their choice over the leading Democrat and Republican candidates.

As much as I support Obama, I think that Wiggum is going to be the real wild card in this election. You know what they say, "As goes Springfield, so goes the nation".

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