Monday, January 14, 2008

Enough Already! Celebrity Edition

Enough with the daily dose of a certain pop star's public meltdown. It's gone beyond being mildly amusing to being downright horrific. Show some class, America, look away!

Enough with "Reality Television" - pathetic attention starved d-list celebs and telegenic airheads trying to prove to the world that they'll do anything for fifteen minutes of notoriety has gone far enough. I think we are scraping the bottom of the damn barrel here people!

Enough Zac Efron already! , he looks like k.d. Lang and Clay Aiken's love child.

Enough with Donald Trump. Who cares what this self absorbed billionaire thinks? And please spare me that crap about him being "self made". He is the son of a wealthy real- estate developer, and got his start working for his father.

Enough with Paris Hilton already! She represents all that is wrong with this country and has nothing to offer, with the exception of a possible venereal disease.

Enough with Tom Cruise! He's as crazy as a bag of squirrels, as charismatic as a radish, and as tall as a hobbit. Ignore this nut-case and maybe he'll just go away.

Enough with American Idol already! How long has this mind-numbingly ridiculous piece of crap been on the air? And where are all the damn Idols? If I want to hear histrionic caterwauling, I'll tune in to Fox News, thank you very much.

Enough with Bill O'Reilly! Who in their right mind pays this goof ball any attention? He's a big mouth and a blow-hard and that's where it all ends. Tune him out, people!

Enough already with Janice Dickinson ! Where in the hell did this harridan come from? Why should I even know who she is? Why is this hateful harpy, who claims to be the world's first supermodel, on the map at all?

And finally, enough already with Dr. Phil. The last thing we need is the pop psychology ramblings of this down home huckster - hell, even Britney did not want to see him!

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