Saturday, January 19, 2008

Caffeine Fueled Random Saturday Stuff

Jeepers, two cups of Starbucks and I am flying!

Happy Saturday kids. Hope you all are doing well. Here are a bunch of random tidbits that are rolling around in my, otherwise, empty head today.

* Tomorrow we celebrate Papa Romano's birthday. The big guy is 78. He spent the past few days in Atlantic City with Mama. They drove down together and stayed in a comped room at one of the bigger hotels. I am always a bit confused over this, not the Atlantic City/gambling/overeating/bad musical review component; no, I get that. That's my parent's generation. What I don't get is that he drives there. It's almost 60 miles from their home to A.C. - and yet, when ever I invite them to my place (which is a whopping 13 miles away from Castle Romano), Dad says it's too long of a drive for him, and someone else drives them over. Go figure. I guess I should install some one arm bandits in the living room and have Whatshisname serve them watered down drinks "on the house".

* Yesterday I watched a British Television movie about Sweeney Todd. Ben Kingsley played the demon barber of Fleet Street. But the real standout is Joanna Lumley as Mrs. Lovett. This is the same Joanna Lumley who plays Patsy Stone in AbFab! She is terrific as the slutty, rotten tooth inflicted, meat pie mistress. Seek this one out, it's pretty good.

* Today is primary day in South Carolina and Nevada. I wonder which Democrat will come out on top this time? Will it be Clinton or Obama? Or will Edwards shock the world? Stay tuned.

* Speaking of votes, did you all hear that Huckleberry Hound, in order to endear himself to racists and bigots conservatives, defended the flying of the Confedearte flag at state offices? Yeah, nothing says Old Fashioned American Values like slave owning, lynching, and marrying your cousin.

* The Sundance Film Festival is in full swing. I guess, once again, my tickets were lost in the mail.

* And finally, now that the Tom Cruise Scientology tapes have made the rounds, does this spell the end of his once brilliant career? Will Will Smith or Jerry Seinfeld become the next big L. Ron groupies?

That's all for now, watch out for the thetans everyone and have a happy Saturday!!!!

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