Sunday, December 16, 2007

She Wore Blue Velvet

Here it is all of you Fashionistas; Mama Romano proclaims that "velvet is in" this season.

Forgoing her usually red and gold ensembles, my mother worked this party in a long flowing dark blue velvet dress with a plunging neck-line (god help me). She accentuated said frock with a HUGE silver and diamond studded pendant (she swore it was diamond, I tend to think it was more rhinestone, but you don't argue with my mom about such things, you just don't).

Anyway, she did not disappoint, and lived up to her reputation when she:

A: Confronted my father rather loudly about his nickname for her.

B: Led the Romano family choir in singing Xmas songs while she sported a pair of red felt reindeer antlers.

C: Kept accusing others of "hiding" her drink (which she of course would put down somewhere and totally forget).

D: All of the above.

In other news, Little Sis's cake was one of those butter-cream creations from the Melrose Diner, and if you've had a Melrose butter-cream cake, you know that they are one of the finest things to ever come out of South Philadelphia! And all of the rest of the food was fabulous!

* My eldest cousin's husband trapped poor Whatshisname in the kitchen and pretty much held him hostage for the last twenty minutes we were there. You have to know this fellow to appreciate him. He is peculiar, to put it nicely. Still though, my guy was a real class act and remained attentive and pleasant where a lesser man would have been looking for any excuse to head for the hills.

* One of my elderly aunts asked me, "Still not married yet, hon?" I smiled and said, "No they won't let us get married yet". And she smiled at me rather confused.

* Quite few honest belly laughs with my cousins over times past - so that was nice.

Thank god it's all over for another year.

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