Monday, December 03, 2007

Right About Now, The Funk Soul Brother

Whathisname was giving me a hard time tonight about (what he perceived as) my lack of knowledge on Soul music.

You see, my better half is quite the musical fanatic - he has a collection of Cd's that would do the Smithsonian proud. Of course, he should have seen my record collection back in the day.

It's true, I am an old hippie, and a lot of my stacks of wax were of the "far out" and "groovy" variety, but I also was a fan of the great soul artists. Aretha, Marvin, Ike and Tina, Sly and the Family Stone, Darlene Love, Minnie Riperton, they all were part of my collection.

That's right. Pax rolled wit da funk, when da funk was real!

Want to know what I liked? How about Parliament Funkadelic , or how about Tower of Power? -- yeah, let them tell you What is Hip. That's a real education. And don't forget Aretha, the Queen of Soul. Just listen to her majesty belt out her version of Spanish Harlem, or I Say a Little Prayer for You. Yeah, baby, nobody will ever do it as great as Ms. Franklin did ... Did I mention Marvin Gaye? This little white boy would turn to a bowl of jelly when he heard, Let's Get it On, or You Sure Love to Ball -- amen and peace out to you, brother Marvin. Gone but never forgotten.

To me, Soul music is an honest, gorgeous, sexy expression of life that often transcended skin color (listen to The Animals, Hall and Oats, Boz Skaggs etc for proof) - you either have it or you don't. For instance, today, Amy Winehouse is a great white Soul singer; Justin Timberlake, not so much.

Let me close this ramble with an appropriate song:

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