Sunday, December 30, 2007

A Radical But Cost Effective Idea

For Xmas this year, I received 100.00 worth of Kohls gift cards. This morning I went to the nearest Kohls thinking that I would just get a shirt for New Years Eve.

I walked out of the store with 12 10 new shirts!

Out of pocket money spent: 6.84.

I was shocked at the reduced prices for clothing. For instance a sweater that was marked at 50.00 was on sale for 7.00!!! Most of the men's clothing I saw was reduced 50 to 70 % .

As I meandered about the rest of the store I saw the same was true for women's clothing, children's clothing, household goods, candles, pots and pans, linens etc...

And then it hit me.

What if next year we delay the gift giving for about a week. Celebrate Xmas with a big meal and maybe a trinket or two exchanged, but hold out for the real gift giving for a few days, and then hit the stores with our lists and cash in on all the damn bargains! Then say on December 28th, or thereabouts, have another Xmas morning when we can shower gifts on loved ones with out going into major debt?

They all laughed at Christopher Columbus!

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