Monday, December 24, 2007

Quick Party Report

Well last night's party went extremely well, if I say so myself. There is really something nice about a holiday event that features people you truly want to surround yourself with, as opposed to one with family or co-workers.

Yes, it was a fun time. We even had the honor of Joey B and Mrs. Joey B's little gal, Powergirl, who kept the grownups on their toes for most of the evening (if this little tyke were carrying around a "curse jar", she could have paid for her first two years at Harvard by night's end).

Most of the guest brought something to eat, so there was food-a-plenty, and all of it was dee-lish!

We celebrated Gracie's birthday last night as well.

Guest from such far flung places as Cape May County showed up, and that would be the elusive but lovely Miss Merci. It's always a pleasure to see old friends and it makes one realize how lucky they are when in their presence.

For local color, we had Freudian Joe, Medbh and LuLu - all who braved the torrential rains and spring like temperatures to make it to this Yuletide orgy.

Whatshisname's posse was well represented and added to the merriment with tales of Zombie Jesus shoring up a very warm spot in hell for all involved in said discussion.

Anyway, that was last night, and now I must prepare for tonight when my family comes over for dinner. Happy Xmas Eve, all!

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