Sunday, December 16, 2007

Flaming Ice Cream Snowballs

Have you ever had a Flaming Ice Cream Snowball?


Neither have I, but I liked the picture so I titled the posting the same.

Actually today is the Romano Family Reunion which is going to be held at my youngest sister's house. It is also that same sister's birthday so it's a grand old double whammy of celebratory madness.

Little Sis has just become converted to the Cult of Starbucks, so I picked her up a gift bag of Starbucks goodies including a pound of their holiday blend coffee, a gift certificate, a mug and book she wanted. I hope she enjoys her birthday gifts from me and Whatshisname.

As for the reunion, it will go as follows:

Aunts and female cousins in the dining room oohing and ahing over the foodstuffs. Uncles and male cousins in the den watching whatever sporting event is on. Mama Romano, cocktail in one hand, digital camera in the other, bustling about spreading her own special brand of holiday dysfunction cheer. Papa Romano plopped in a chair complaining about something. Little Sis outdoing herself (as always) making sure everything is just perfect - pushing my mother out of the kitchen, yanking me and Whatshisname into the kitchen as she has us sample some culinary something-or-other and asks, "What do you think? Does it need anything?". Older Sis walking about giving everything the white glove test. Long around six pm, the singing begins - Mama Romano, now toasted to perfection, leads the assembled in a collection of holiday favorites around the tree. Somewhere along the way somebody brings out Little Sis's cake and everyone sings "Happy Birthday", invariably someone recites the magic tale of the night Little Sis came home from the hospital that snowy Xmas eve in 1966 (Little Sis was born on the 16th, but was bit premature, so they kept her at the hospital until the 24th. She came home that night and it turned out to be one of the biggest blizzards Philadelphia ever saw, and many family members of ours were involved in the logistics of this homecoming).

So that's in store for my day. As for the rest of you, only nine more days till Xmas!

Have a great Sunday, all!!

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