Saturday, December 22, 2007


That's the only way I can describe the scene here at Villa Romano.

We are hosting a few friends tomorrow night for an Xmas Eve-Eve get together where everyone is expected to bring a dish - meanwhile Whatshisname has been baking since last night (yes he began at around six yesterday night and as of noon today, he is still cranking out cookies, brownies, pies and blondies). I give him a wide berth while he is in Martha Mode and I wrapped presents last night while watching Rob Zombie's version of Halloween (more on that at a later time). This morning I went out to do some dreaded last minute gift shopping -- now I made a point of getting out on the road before nine am, and still the highways were crowded with assholes-a-plenty. Pretty much crushed my Xmas mood.

The balance of today will be spent cleaning and setting up for tomorrow. It's moments like this that I wish we had servants. I will be busting my hump being domestic until I pass out amid a pile of buckets and cleaning materials.

But I do have some wine set side for later on tonight, when I finally will get a breather and a get a chance to decompress a bit.

Oh and did I mention that the night after the party is Xmas Eve so my family will be here for dinner that night.


Hope you all are having a wonderful Saturday.

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