Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Zune Day

For those eight nerds out there who own a Zune (and I am one of them), today was the great day that heralded the arrival of new Zunes (generation 2) for the world to ignore. Today was also the day that the firmware for the existing Zunes to be updated.

Hallelujah, I started everything at around 6 this morning and when I came home from work I found my player all souped up and looking more nifty than ever. I also found the new computer program for Zune's market space looking all new and shiny.

Alas, this is a Microsoft joint, so there are some problems.

It seems that many of the hundreds of songs I now have on my player are attributed to other artists (for instance, Jefferson Airplane's Somebody to Love is now listed as being performed by Tom Waits!) ... also the album art has been all screwed up with the wrong covers being shown. Add to this I cant seem to sign on to the service and, well, I am an impatient person, so I hope they get this worked out soon.

That said, other than that, I've had a fab day!

Hope you are all well!

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