Saturday, November 17, 2007

Pax Romano's Seven Sexiest People of the Year!

People Magazine recently named it's list of the sexiest men alive. Yawn. No surprises, the same grouping of sloe eyed pretty boys staring back at us (though I still agree that George Clooney is all that and a bag of chips).

I wanted to take a gander at the celebrated folk of the year and rate them myself. Please note that while I call them the "Sexiest" , it is not to say this just based on looks alone. No, my picks are sexy sometimes for other than the obvious reasons.

The Sexiest Seven of The Year!

7: Cody Castagna
Working Boy, Cody Castagan, spilled the beans on Republican Representative, Richard Curtis. Curtis, a noted homophobe who voted against domestic partnership and equal rights for gays and lesbians in his home state of Washington, was obviously a conflicted cock sucker. So it took a tryst with chatty Cody to blow his cover. Well done, Cody!

6: Barack Obama
Hope springs eternal. He might have lost some heat, and I am sure he's kicking himself over that Donnie McClurkin crap; bu
t whatever happens, he's brought a bit of youth and vitality and hope to politics -- and that is called Bringing Sexy Back!

5: Andy Samberg

Andy is so damn cute, and not only that, he's the funniest SNL member in ages. This year, Andy kept churning out the faux music videos and made me laugh. Nothing is sexier than someone who makes me laugh!

4: Amy Winehouse.
She might be a hot mess, but unlike the rest of the rehabbed
bimbos this year, Amy can back it up. This broad is a major talent! I really hope that she gets her act together soon. Oh and her album, Back in Black, was one of the best music releases seen (and heard) in decades.

3: Hillary Clinton

Say what you will about the woman, she is a force to reckon with. What I am enjoying the most, and what makes her so damn sexy, is how she's shaking up the boys club and causing most right wingers to have strokes. In a way, I hope she does become the president just to watch the neocons explode all over each other!

2: Keith Olbermann
Ah, the silver fox of journalism. I love a smart, snarky guy who tells it like it is. A voice for the rest of us -- maybe this generation's Edward R. Murrow?

1: Elizabeth Edwards

I bow at this woman's feet. She is the picture of "grace under fire". Not only is she fighting for her life, she continues to make the rounds to support her husband, John's, presidential bid. She also shows other's dealing with a life threatening condition that in spite of everything, life does go on. And of course, she ripped Ann Coulter a new asshole on live television. Frankly, I wish she was running for president.

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