Monday, October 15, 2007

It's Blog Action Day

Today is Blog Action Day (INFORMATION HERE).

The purpose is for every one who has registered to post something, anything about the environment.

The logo you see on the left, was something that was very popular for a time when I was a kid. You'd see it on car bumpers or displayed in store windows. It was known as "The Ecology Flag", I seem to recall my father having one of these on his car circa 1971 or thereabouts. This was around the same time that the first Earth Day was held.

A strange thing about the first Earth Day was that it was rumored to have been organized by Philadelphia activist, Ira Einhorn. Einhron was a Philadelphian oddball with many political connections, however he is best known as the Unicorn killer. He had murdered his girlfriend Holly Maddux and then went into exile in Europe . He was tried and found guilty in absentia, and was eventually brought back to the states. These days he is languishing in a prison in Pennsylvania.

Be that as it may, Earth Day and Ecology flags seemed to be the only thing that were used to raise awareness. I can't recall anyone recycling their trash in those days, let alone worrying about owning a hybrid car. Those stickers actually meant as much as the "We Support the Troops" stickers you see on cars these days.

It was not until the 80's when separating your bottles (by color, remember that?) became in vogue. And around that time, newspaper and magazines were being bundled together so that they could also be recycled.

Today of course, most people, pay lip service to recycling, oh you might see two or three trash cans in someone's kitchen, one for bottles, the other for cans, and the third for regular trash. Of course I fear that most folks could care less about the mess they are leaving behind as they toss that empty plastic bottle of five dollar water into the trash -- frankly, I don't think most of us really give it a second thought.

Ecology just isn't sexy enough to pry the public out of their stupor, and no matter how many Nobel Peace Prizes Al Gore might win, it still does not negate the fact that we have a government (and I fear) a populace that really does not believe in global warming, how's that for an inconvenient truth?

I am usually an optimistic fellow, but when I hear things like, "Oh I can't use those new neon light bulbs at my house, I have dimmer switches in all the rooms, and they don't work with those types of bulbs.", (yes, someone I work with actually said that to me), I fear that the mindset of my fellow Americans is so far removed from reality that they'd gladly welcome the melting of the Polar ice caps if it means that they'll finally be able to have beach-front property.

Who is ready to prove me wrong?

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