Saturday, October 27, 2007

For the Halloween Season: The Great Slasher Film Quiz

1: Which of the following actors did NOT appear in one of the Friday the 13th Films?
A - Kevin Bacon
B - Crispin Glover
C - Corey Feldman
D - Ron Palillo (Horshack on Welcome Back Kotter)
E - Johnny Depp

2: From the Movie, A Nightmare on Elm Street, finish the nursery rhyme:

"One, two, Freddy's coming for you. Three, four, lock the door. Five, six, grab your crucifix. Seven, eight, gonna' stay up late..."

3: Dubbed the "Queen of Scream", name at least two other horror movies that Jamie Lee Curtis appeared in (not counting the Halloween films).

4: Classic film star, Glenn Ford played a doctor in which one of these slasher films?
A: Prom Night
B: April Fools Day
C: Happy Birthday to Me
D: My Bloody Valentine.

5: The director of the Linda Blair classic, Hell Night, Tom De Simone, had made a name for himself earlier as a director of what genre of film?

6: Which of the following actors or actresses did NOT appear in at least one of the Nightmare on Elm Street Movies?
A- Dick Cavett
B- Johnny Depp
C- Zsa Zsa Gabor
D- Pam Grier
E- Lawrence Fishburne
F- Patricia Arquette

7: Played by Betsey Palmer in Friday the 13th, What was Jason Voorhees' mother's First name?

8: In the original Halloween, Mi
chael Myers' first victim is his sister, Judith. Who was his second victim?

9: Twin sisters, Muffy and Buffy St John, raise hell in which slasher film?
A- Alice Sweet Alice
B- Last House on the Left
C- April Fools Day
D- Graduation Day

10: Lauren Bacall appeared in a slasher film about a Broadway actress w
ho is stalked by a crazy guy. The film also stared Maureen Stapleton and James Garner. The movie also included several full out musical numbers! Name this classic from 1981.

11: She was "The Final Girl" in both Friday the 13th II and April Fool's Day. Name her!

12: The following towns were the settings of four of the most infamous Slasher Films; Name the film per setting.
A: Springwood, Ohio -
B: Crystal Lake, New Jersey -
C: Haddonfield, Illinois -
D: Woodsboro, California -

13: He was once referred to as "The Bastard Song of a Thousand Maniacs", who is he?

14: Dawn Wells (better known as Mary Ann in Gilligan's Island) appeared in this rather dreadful Slasher Film from 1977. Name that awful film!

15: If you say his name five times, he'll appear. What was the name of the only African American killer in slasher films? (His name is also the title of the 1992 movie).

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