Sunday, October 28, 2007

For The Halloween Season: Costumes You Would Not Be Caught Dead In!

Submitted for your approval are a small collection of what might be safely called some the worst halloween costumes a parent might have ever picked for their moppet to beg treats in.

I think this is supposed to be a hippie, or maybe a rabbi, or possibly the guy who asks for change near the Patco station on 13th street in Philadelphia.
Indiana Jones never looked so bad! Sort of looks like a Nazi brown shirt ensemble.
Oh my god, it's Nipsey Russell as the Tin Man from that classic film, The Wiz!
Hey Hey Hey it's ... politically incorrect!
Look a Tammy Faye costume! Actually it is supposed to be Lucy (as in I Love Lucy).
When in Cumberland County, New Jersey, dress like the locals!
This is supposed to be Mary Poppins, What the Fuck!?!?
And of course who didn't want to be Mikey Dolenz of the Monkees? Or maybe that's Davey Jones, or is it Mike Nesmith, or Peter Tork...

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