Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Pax Said, "Oh No, Brett Somers Is _____ "

Well it's still a bit dicey on the roads of Utopia, with most of 70 still closed here in town. They did open up a small lane for those of us who live off the highway, and it was while driving that narrow little strip this afternoon that I was video taped by a news camera. Not sure what station it was, but if the Pax Mobile shows up on the 6 o clock news, watch for me waving from behind the wheel!

But the real story today was word that game show icon, Bret Somers has gone to that great Goodson -Todman production in the sky.

I always loved Somers, she was such the blowzy kind of broad with her husky voice, big glasses and sardonic wit. She made watching The Match Game, back in the day, a treat.

RIP old girl! I am sure Charles Nelson Riley has a martini and a pack of Marlboro's waiting for you.

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