Sunday, September 23, 2007

Crazy Christians and Hockey Theme Songs.

As if the religious right does not have it's hands full enough these days; it seems that a group of rabid religious singers have re-written God Bless America changing the lyrics to reflect that the big guy in the clouds is no longer blessing us because we have turned from him!

From Talking Points Memo:...the lyrics were rewritten. Instead of a song about the land that I love," and "home sweet home," this version condemns the country, saying we've all turned against God, and that He won't bless us. It was a big hit among the conservative Republicans in the room. (LINK HERE)

This is an outrage! Remember when God Bless America meant something? Like when Kate Smith's version was played before every Flyer's hockey game?

From God Bless America, Land that I Love by Richard K. Hayes: An interesting chapter was added to the Kate Smith- God Bless America story in the twilight of her 50-year career. Officials noted that when the national anthem was played at the opening of Philadelphia Flyers' hockey games, the fans were not properly respectful, while they listened more quietly to Kate's record of God Bless America. Furthermore, a statistician noted that they won most games when the latter was played...(LINK HERE)

I think those Republicans and their crazy Christian friends better watch out before Kate rises from the dead and beats them all with Bernie Parent's hockey stick!

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