Friday, August 10, 2007

Pre-Fame Posting

First things first: I am not at work today ... guess why? That's right, my car is at the garage.

The good news is that it's just a small problem with the electrical system and I will not have to be taking out any loans for the repair work.

But enough with the mundane; tomorrow is movie day, and kids, I am so ready for this! I've been practicing my "dead man's stare" as well as my "zombie shuffle". I mean, how cool is this, after forty nine years, I am finally going to be able to strut and fret (true fact: since I was a kid, I've wanted to play a Frankenstein monster -- you know, the slow, scary lumbering kind of beast. Well, a zombie is just as good!).

Of course, this is an independent film so the chances that it goes anywhere from here are next to nothing, but then again, one never knows, do one?

Should I become rich and famous, I am taking you all with me!

Frank will be my business manager.

Virginia Gal the CEO of Pax Romano Inc.

Jimmi will be my agent.

Liz will be my nutritionist.

Justrose is my press agent.

Tony will be my bodyguard.

Rainbow Demon will be my spiritual adviser.

well, due to her advanced age, I was thinking of letting her live in the guest house of my Beverely Hills mansion where I'll pass her off as an eccentric, but lovable spinster aunt of mine.

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