Sunday, August 26, 2007

Just Like Moving a Sofa

Last night found me, Whatshisname and Gracie at Joey B's birthday party. Gracie and I drove together as my beloved had another commitment and could not stay for the entire party, so he brought his own car so he could leave early.

Mr. and Mrs. B, live just off a busy street, so parking is at a premium. Whatshisname parked his car at a garage/repair shop a few doors down from their home assuming that was best.

At around 9:00, Whatshisname said his goodbyes and headed out, and I settled back down with Joey, his wife, parents and friends to continue enjoying the evening's frivolities.

And then, about five minutes after he left, my better half returned announcing that his car had been blocked by a truck in the parking lot he was in ... fueled by spirits, most of the guests made the pilgrimage to the scene of the crime and once there found a huge pick-up with a long trailer attached to it, parked horizontally, effectively sealing a hasty exit. There were two other cars on either side of Whatshisname's automobile, so, yeah, he was blocked.

Just then someone said, "Well if we can move this other car, out of the way, you can drive around it".

The other car was a sporty little BMW covered in a tarp.

Faster than you could say, 'Grand Theft Auto', the tarp was pulled off the car and, finding that the car was unlocked, Mrs. B got in and a group of us stood in front of the car aiming to push it back and out of the way. The only problem is that the steering wheel was locked and would not turn.

What to do?

That's when I said, "Well this is a small car, and there are a lot of us out here; why don't we just lift the car out of the way?"

So that's what we did.

With five people at the back drivers side, and another five at the back passengers side, we lifted and pushed the car sideways until it was away from the truck. Then Mrs. B got back in, and we pushed the car straight back leaving an exit way for Whatshisname.

And it worked.

Then we pushed the BMW back (although it was at a cock- eyed angle now), put the tarp back on and beat a hasty retreat.

I can only imagine what the owner of this repair shop will think when he or she returns on Monday and finds that little sports car parked diagonally.

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