Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Dead Men Wear White

I might have mentioned here that I am going to be an extra in an independent film .

The other day I got an email from the film's writer/director that explained the who/what/when and where of this cinematic endeavor; if all goes as planned we start filming Saturday morning (early Saturday morning) deep, down south in the woods of New Jersey.

I was told to wear a white shirt and either black or khaki pants. The way I understand it, I will be part of a group of dead bodies found on a beach, victims of a shipwreck. Later on, me and some of my fellow cadavers (which will include Miss Zelda and Joey B.) apparently rise from the dead and seek revenge on someone who has pilfered money from our persons.

I gotta tell ya, kids, this is going to be such a kick for yours truly! I plan on bringing my camera with me on Saturday to document the day.

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