Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Crazy from the Heat?

On the way home from work this afternoon, I stopped into a 7-11 to pick up a few items.

When I was through, I went back to my car, when I noticed that the woman in the car next to me was having some trouble starting her automobile. Having gone through a ton of car problems in the past few months, and realizing that good Samaritans are far and few between, and also, hoping to make some good Karma, I got out of my car to offer help. Just then she got her ride started and started to pull out.

Figuring that everything was cool, I got back in to my car and just then noticed that the woman's auto was stalled again at the exit of the store's parking lot. I, once more got out my car, and just then, the young woman got out of her car (and before I could say or do anything), let out a blood curdling scream ... and then she dashed across the street and ran behind a building, leaving her car sitting half way on the lot and sidewalk.

I waited around a few minutes thinking that maybe she was going for help.

After ten minutes went by, I went into the store and told the clerk that he might want to move that car as it was blocking the exit to the store.

I waited a few more minutes to see if I could help, and noticed that other cars were coming into the lot going around the car, beeping at it ... one SUV almost hit it.

I waited around about five more minutes ... no cops came, the woman never returned, so I gingerly drove around the abandoned car and headed home.

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