Thursday, July 26, 2007

Yesterday and This Morning.

Just dropped my niece, Princess Demon Child, off at her mom's house.

We spent the past day and a half together, and as always, we had a swell time. She had, in her possession, the latest Harry Potter book so I read the last few pages and now I know how all of that turns out.

We went to Starbucks for lunch yesterday, plopped ourselves on a big old overstuffed sofa and as we noshed on our sandwiches and sipped iced tea, my 12 year old niece told me all of her exciting stories about her her summer so far ... ah to be 12 again.

Then we went to the video store and picked out a couple of DVD's. She's at that age where her tastes are turning more towards teen-comedies, and as such her choice was something called, John Tucker Must Die. What a dreadful piece of crap. But she liked it.

Thankfully, after the film, Sponge Bob held sway, so that was cool.

This morning we went out for breakfast and took a little drive around town. I pointed out where Uncle Whatshisname works and she was filled with questions about book publishing.

As we were driving home she told me that she loved coming to visit (because I'm "so cool" -- her exact words )and wished that she lived with me. That made me feel good.

I love being the Cool Uncle.

Have a great Thursday all!

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